Learning at MSD

Summer Session

Mid-June through Mid-August, for 9 weeks in total. No summer session for Independence Day week.

33 months by June 11, up through 6-year-olds who have not attended 1st grade.

Before Care: 8:00-8:30; Full Day: 8:30-3:30; Half Day: 8:30-12:00; After Care: 3:30-5:30

Full Day: $245/week; Half Day: $123/week; Before/After Care: $8/hour

Sign Up Instructions

Call to inquire about availability. 218.728.6400

Return the Summer Session Enrollment form to school office prior to the week of attendance.

Sign-up deadline is 10:00am the Friday before.


Children who attended MSD’s Children’s House during the last school year, as well as those who are enrolled for the next school year, are eligible to attend summer session. Families may elect to attend any (and as many as they would like) of the weeks offered.

We combine our standard Children’s House program with seasonal activities such as gardening, walks to Morley Heights Park and playground, water activities, and more.

Frequently Asked Questions


Why Montessori in the summer?
The Montessori methodology sets the gold standard for early child education, designed and practiced according to how human beings develop and how human brains are built to function. Children don’t stop learning in the summer, so why should schooling stop? For this reason, Montessori schools around the globe often open year round to provide children with seamless guidance. See more information about Montessori education here.
Do kids go outside in this summer program?
Enjoying and loving nature is an integral part of Montessori education. Montessori children spend time outside in nature everyday of the week, year round. Children spend time on the playground, go for walks in neighborhood, and take field trips to parks and gardens.
Do I need to pack a lunch for my child? How about snacks?

If your child has signed up for the full day program, please pack a lunch for him/her. Half day attendees are picked up at noon, and they often have lunch at home. We will provide the morning snack at school. Children who transition into the after school program are scheduled to have a snack brought from home at 4:00.
Who can I talk to if I have more questions?
Please call our office 8:00-5:00, 218-728-4600, or send email inquires to Info@MontessoriDuluthMN.org.