Who We Are

Mission Statement

Montessori School of Duluth inspires a passion for learning and empowers each child to take responsibility as a compassionate and principled citizen in a global community.

In this fast changing world, it is imperative for schools to adjust the way we educate to prepare our next generations for the future. We are preparing our children to solve problems that humanity has never encountered, and take on jobs that have not yet been created.

Montessori School of Duluth makes a priority to cultivate in each child a disposition as leaders to take the initiative, give themselves the permission, and possess the skills to create and innovate.

We live to learn, for school and for life. Montessori School of Duluth cherishes the early years from age 3 to Grade 6, aims to inspire in each child a passion for learning, and take on the responsibility as the creators of our society and humanity to become.

A Portrait of a Montessori School of Duluth Graduate

  • Skilled and curious learners who know how to learn.
  • Have formed a positive relationship to learning.
  • Strong readers, curious researchers, assertive experimenters, and resilient risk takers.
  • Possess the flexibility, reflectivity, open-mindedness and compassion to socialize and interact with people from all walks of life.