Learning at MSD

Why Parents Choose MSD

Convenient Location

Montessori School of Duluth is tucked away in the lovely Hunter’s Park residential neighborhood of Duluth. Convenient to downtown and the colleges, it’s also just blocks from a local park we frequent often. The quiet setting provides an atmosphere perfect for children’s education in the beginning years.

Child-Centered Education

Our Montessori classrooms have child-sized furnishings, attractively arranged materials for independent work, carefully sequenced activities for math, science, and language, and lots of area for work on the floor. Children move around and converse as they work together.

Sometimes the children work alone, sometimes in small groups. Guides give presentations to individuals as needed. Many and varied outlets for creative expression and sharing of each child’s interests are provided, with music, recreation, and art integrated into the week’s activities. The school emphasizes international understanding and cultural sharing, as well.

Personal Attention

Montessori School of Duluth enrolls on average of about 50-75 children, making it a close-knit community for students and families. School administration and teachers know each child and family. Thanks to the just-right size, we can provide individualized support as needed. One can immediately feel the warmth of the community stepping in our door.

Caring, Qualified Teachers

Montessori Guides are trained to focus on building the person first, and then provide the space and resources for each child to blossom. They are some of the best-trained teachers in the world, with years of advanced education and supervised student teaching behind them. Our Guides all have college degrees. They bring a wealth of classroom experience with project-based learning and are committed to upholding the high standard of Montessori philosophy. MSD also invests in continuing education for its teachers, as a part of its commitment to quality education for its students.

Beautiful Campus

Our school environment provides security, warmth, and the opportunity for creative play, friendship, and recreation.

The remodeled interior has spacious classrooms, and features a wing specially designed for small children, including in-floor radiant heat. Children enjoy many low windows for seeing outside, direct access to the outdoors, and child-height sinks in the classroom. Daily programs are aided by bathrooms built for small children, two kitchen areas, and a curated library.

Our grounds have also been recently transformed, and feature carefully designed educational and play spaces. Each classroom has its own fenced “outdoor classroom,” and students share raised garden beds. Play structures include climbers and spinners, a slide, sandbox, natural features like a rock playscape, a paved path for trikes, and a sports field for older students. On the roof is a solar panel installation, along the boulevard are rainwater gardens, and near the building are recycling bins, all of which teach environmental stewardship through example.

Before- and After-Care

We understand that working parents need care beyond normal school hours. With Before- and After-Care at MSD you can tailor your child’s schedule to your individual needs, billed hourly.

The Before- and After-Care program at MSD is run in the Montessori spirit, promoting independence and responsibility.  We give children consistency while providing a change of pace for all-day students. Children independently choose what they would like to do from an array of educational toys, puzzles, and games. Weather permitting, lots of time is spent outdoors, and children participate in occasional seasonal, art, or cooking projects.

Life-long Success

Reports received from parents and teachers throughout our 35+ years are that our graduates excel in junior high and enjoy the new challenges in senior high. We’ve found that schools in and beyond Duluth appreciate incoming students from Montessori School of Duluth due to their strong sense of self, thorough academic preparation, confidence, and ability to take initiative for learning. MSD graduates …

  • Are skilled and curious learners who know how to learn.
  • Have formed a positive relationship to learning.
  • Are strong readers, curious researchers, assertive experimenters, and resilient risk takers.
  • Possess the flexibility, reflectivity, open-mindedness and compassion to socialize and interact with people from all walks of life.

Graduates of Montessori School of Duluth have attended more than fifty colleges and various prestigious graduate schools. They often travel and live abroad. Many have families now and build their careers in business, science areas, education, journalism, human services, and the arts. They often maintain friendships started at Montessori School of Duluth!

  • An MSD family
    "We chose MSD for our family because of its small, schoolhouse feel and low staff turnover. It's apparent every day that everyone in the building enjoys their job, and I know our child is well cared for!"
    An MSD family
  • The Garramone family
    "Our daughter said to me, 'I love my school because everyone is kind and friendly.'  We're excited to send our second daughter to preschool and can't wait to see the growth. Thank you MSD staff for all you've done for our family!"
    The Garramone family
  • Parent of a 4yo student
    "We've loved our experience at MSD. Our son has been at the school for two years and has grown so much both socially and academically. We've noticed an obvious growth in his curiosity in EVERYTHING! He asks questions constantly and never stops exploring the world around him."
    Parent of a 4yo student
  • The Garramone family
    "As an educator and a parent, my husband and I are so pleased with Montessori School of Duluth and its methods and philosophies for teaching. We're truly impressed and delighted to see the growth in our four-year-old daughter. She grew not only in academics, but socially and emotionally as well, with the Montessori teaching philosophy and kind, friendly staff."
    The Garramone family
  • Parent of a 4yo student
    "The staff at Duluth Montessori has really nurtured his curiosity and exploration through the their time, energy, and commitment to the Montessori model."
    Parent of a 4yo student
  • Parent of a 26mo student
    "My daughter loves the toddler program! She calls it her 'work,' and always has plenty of stories to tell after 'work!' "
    Parent of a 26mo student
Montessori School of Duluth is a non-profit, 501(c) 3 organization. We value, welcome and celebrate a diverse population. The school treats all children and applicants for enrollment without unlawful discrimination as to race, creed, color, national origin, age, disability, marital status, or sexual orientation in all employment decisions.